Weight Gain/Loss

Over the last six years, I have gained almost eighty pounds.

Starting in the “Normal” body weight category, I moved through to “Overweight” and now “Obese”. My highest weight clocked in at 223.8 lbs. It’s frightening to think about how it all happened. I can remember being in the 180’s thinking, ‘If I get to 200, i’ll need to do something about this’. Well, 200 came and went.

What happened? It’s a combinations of things, I suppose. I mark the start of my weight gain around the time I transitioned from the food service industry (Where I spent most of my days on my feet being active), to an office job where I spent most of my time in a sedentary state.

This is also the time of my increase in my snacking, which i think came in to alleviate boredom in the office. Coupled with overeating with pretty much each meal, it’s easy to see why I gained so much weight in retrospect.

I have been “dieting” for a long time now – Looking back through journal entries throughout 2018, weight loss goals were a common theme. Considering my weight is higher now in 2019 than it ever was in 2018, I have obviously failed.

This is not acceptable. My children need a healthy father. I want them to grow up healthy, and for me to live long enough to see that. With this in mind, coming into 2019 I have a renewed sense of determination to lose weight.

My current weight loss plan is two fold

  1. Intermittent fasting (16:8) – Fasting from 6:30 PM to 10:30 AM the next day. This is to prevent excess snacking late at night, and to delay breakfast so that I feel more full throughout the day.
  2. Portion reduction. Aiming to reduce the calories I consume my reducing my portions / making substitutions (Lettuce wrapped burger instead of buns, for example).

Combined, this hopefully gives me an adequate calorie deficit while mitigating hunger.

My monthly progress is documented HERE.