Thoughts on Finances

When I think about the legacy I want to leave behind, I imagine the product of my life’s labor to be able to have a generational impact on my descendants. It may be a grandiose fantasy, but I want to change the course of my family’s future. To do this, I must first alter my more immediate financial outlook and plans. What I do today is laying the foundation for that generational wealth – and each move must be made very carefully.

Currently, my plans are

  1. Focus all extra money into paying off my wife’s car as fast as possible. We own two cars, a 2012 Chevy Sonic that was bought in cash, and a 2018 Chevy Equinox that is financed. Paying off the Equinox needs to be priority number one, as it would free up about $500 a month of cash flow once its paid off.
  2. Balance day job and side jobs. I’m a big fan of making money outside of the office, whether its by mowing a neighbors lawn or flipping items from a garage sale, but it cant come at the expense of my day job. I need to continue to polish my sales skills because higher income can be unlocked in my career in software sales.
  3. Budget religiously. All transactions in and out are being tracked int Mint. I’ve used this software for years, but this year I am taking extra care to scale back on all possible budget items and really focus on what can be reduced.
  4. Keep writing. Ultimately, I do not wish to be an office drone until retirement age. My goal is that through writing, i can unlock new income streams and will allow me to be financially independent and “retire” early. This part is definitely a hard work and patience game, but I have to have faith that It will pay off. One of my biggest 2019 goals is to publish a book – something I have set out to do many times, and I’m focused on making it a reality.
  5. Make good choices. This means not picking back up bad habits, like smoking. It also means losing weight and being healthy to reduce the chance of costly illness. Over all, to fulfill my goals I need to be as prudent with life choices as I am with my money

With these in mind, I believe I can make this year a success. With momentum (and compound interest!), these actions can propel my dream into reality. I intend to write more in depth about the above topics over the next few months, but this serves as a broad overview of some of my thoughts regarding finances and what I need to be doing to progress.

What are your financial plans? Email me at