May Goals / April Review

In a lot of ways, April was much like March. Time seemed to flow by as I failed at so many goals. Yet I can’t help but feel optimistic. I feel on the verge of really breaking through on something, although I’m not quite sure what it is.

Regardless, a review of April’s goals.

– lose five pounds. Check! Sort of. I did hit 212 a few days ago, but clocked in at 214 for my May 1 weigh in. With normal daily fluctuations, I’ll consider this one a win.

– personal spending ban. Fail! I bought a fidget spinner, a pair of jeans, a HDMI adapter, a part for my lawn mower, and a couple of bicycle tools.

– finish Dune. Fail! I don’t think I read a full chapter during April. I kept putting it off, and at this point am probably setting it aside for the time being in favor of books I will read.

– publish 4 posts. Almost! 3/4 isn’t bad, and is certainly Improvement.

With April behind us, lets take a look at May goals.

– weigh under 210.
– finish reading 2 books.
– publish 4 posts (not including this one)
– set up home gym.