There are three things I focus on in my journey to life improvement. They are my Three F’s.

– Family
– Finance
– Fitness

By focusing in on these three things, I’ve identified the areas that are important to my life and well being. These are the things that are going to advance my life.

Let’s break them down a little bit, and talk about what I want to get out of each one of these focuses.

1. Family – I am a husband, and father of two kids. I love them all, but I know that there are times that I am not giving them my full self. I get distracted by my phone. I make poor choices in other areas of life (Finance, Fitness) that impact my relationship with them. My goal is to be a better family man. To strengthen my relationship with my wife and kids, and enjoy the time we have together.
2. Finance – There is a ton of information online about the Financial Independence movement. Ultimately, my goal is to achieve FI and be able to retire well before the “standard” age. While we currently do well saving in our 401k, there are some more immediate debts that need to be tackled so that our cash flow can open up room for more savings. Through thoughtful budgeting, intentional spending, and thinking ahead I plan to solidify a foundation for my families finances.
3. Fitness – Through the years I have gained almost 80 pounds, reaching my highest at 223 lbs, coming from the mid 140’s. I want to be able to set a positive example for my children, and to be able to run around and play with them. I do not want to be an inactive father in their lives, and am on a journey to lose the weight I have gained and improve my fitness.

With deep focus on these three areas, I intend to improve my life drastically. I will be writing more on each of these subjects, and sharing what’s been working for me as time goes on.

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