February 2019 Goals

With January in the past, it’s time to establish my February goals. When goal setting, there are a couple things I try to keep in mind.

  1. Does this goal help advance my yearly goals?
  2. Is this goal actionable?

Not every monthly goal has to support an annual one – sometimes there are shorter goals that pop up as you go throughout. However, all goals must be actionable. When I write it down I must also include how I can accomplish this goal. This provides me action steps that I can take on a daily basis.

So, here are the goals and action steps for February.

  1. Lose five pounds – To accomplish, continue intermittent fasting (16:8) and portion control
  2. Clean out office to convert into dillons room – To accomplish, use weekends to sort through items still left in the room and find new homes for them or determine if they still bring value to your life. If not, donate/discard.
  3. Publish a blog post each week – To accomplish, continue journaling in the evening, but then use that as inspiration for blog post during the next morning. Write every morning.
  4. Work on novel – To accomplish, take the first step and finish the outline for sci-fi novel. Evaluate the material you have already written and continue it. Use spare time to write (Lunch at work).
  5. Finish reading Dune – To accomplish, wind down the nights by reading. Take book to work and fit in a page or two during breaks.

Almost all the goals for February support my annual goals – Aside from cleaning the office, which hopefully gets done this month and then the goal after that will be making it feel more like a kids bedroom.

At the end of the month I’ll do a reflection to look back and see how I did.

What are you goals for this month? Email me at Contact@chaseboyd.com

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